Thursday, June 9, 2011

Internet Shopping

A House

"You can buy anything on the internet!" my husband said to his office colleagues. "We just bought a house!." One of them asked, "That you haven't ever seen?" "Yep," he said nodding. We did not see the house and yet we have both walked by the house in my case a hundred times in the last eighteen years and maybe a million times in my husband's case because it is in his hometown. Finally the deal can be done. We expect to sign the papers when we are home this summer. It will be great that the kids can know where they are going particularly in the case of a certain Moose who dislikes change.

The Tooth Fairy Visits

The Moose's disposition was much improved today. I made the pancakes with the Moose approved recipe, the tooth fairy extracted the "tooth fairy dust" but left the tooth and a shiny 500 ¥en gold coin, and he told me at breakfast he was, "sorry about all that yesterday" on his own- no prompting. It is good to have a hard day behind you. Maybe my cold will go away soon too.

Internet Shopping

There is a lot to be said for internet shopping. Thank goodness for PDF files and scanners too; they make deals like this one happen. The house even has a white picket fence in the back- I had a dream about a house with a white picket fence when we were trying to buy another house in the same town. I thought I was being romantic or even silly instead I think that the dream was telling me I was trying to buy the wrong house- it just didn't seem like the wrong house at the time. Now, I see it differently because we did find the right house for us.

At last, I too will get to live in the hills of Ohio.

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  1. I am so excited and happy for you! Is that a Japanese maple in the front yard? You have a whole year to dream and plan your future garden. Congratulations!


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