Friday, August 5, 2011

Cricket Food and a Sequel

Cricket food in the fridge anyone?
There is a frog from Texas living in a terrarium in the library below. It arrived in a pickle jar. From a best guess and basic research, it appears to be a tree frog. It lives off of crickets. I know this because there is an uncommon jar of cricket food in the fridge also below. Apparently, the frog will only eat crickets that are alive. My sister-in-law has to buy the crickets at a pet shop and keep them alive for this purpose. She is a braver woman than I.

My sisters-in-law and I have decided thta the sequel to the unmentionable "children's book" should be the even more unmentionable mother's book titled Leave me the F**k Alone. We realized that we each harbor fantasies of being left- at a Best Western in Toledo all by ourselves for a day for example. Not that any one of us would object to something fancier but the key is being left to our own devices. Husband's sigh over having to leave the family and take in room service meals at even fancy hotels or at being left alone for weeks at a time. Meanwhile, mothers yearn for uninterrupted thoughts and changing maxi pads in bathrooms all by themselves. There were a few confessions of locking the bathroom door to keep children out while enjoying a reprieve from motherhood duties. My sisters-in-law came up with a wealth of rhymes for alone- bone, zone, groan, moan, trombone, phone, cologne, etc. A better poet than I will have to work up the wit on this one, but we had ourselves in stitches. You can only laugh if you have been there. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat so to speak. Any mother worth her salt has had a moment of desperately wishing she could just have a moment to herself. Young children know no limit of invasion of your personal space. Husbands think you should know where even their socks are located. It begins and ends with mama. Mama just wants a break.

The cousins are sleeping after a full day of "I have no idea what they are doing," but I am grateful they are doing it because they leave me alone. Time to laugh and reflect on those early and more demanding years remind us to enjoy these quiet moments at hand.
The Cousins

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  1. No poet myself, I do want to work on some rhymes for this fun book idea. If it could provide some cathartic laughter for us--and other moms--it will be worth creating! Hee hee.


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