Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Fair Strategy

Deep Fried Oreos anyone?
I barely awoke for my nine o'clock hair appointment. The Stylist did her magic so that two hours later I was able to meet a building contractor some what in possession of my faculties. Nothing like time at the hair salon. Unless of course you are at The barbershop. My husband and the Moose got their respective buzz cuts while catching up on the latest grizzle. I have to say this year's findings were a bit more personal and grim. The barber's son was recently hit by a car and left in the road which resulted in a nineteen day hospital stay. The health insurance company realizing they had made an oversight in keeping the son on their rolls thoughtfully dumped him without paying a dime! I say "thoughtfully" because in a time of family duress the health insurance company was quick to correct their error and NOT take care of the bills at hand- isn't that their problem since he was on their rolls at the time of the accident? The victim had been left for dead by a driver (hit and run). However, he qualified for a special fund set up by the State for victims of hit and run accidents. At least he can walk, but it is a sad commentary on both the insurers and the people who would consider these particular outcomes (abandonment) reasonable courses of action.
Rabbit Judging at the Fair

The Moose, being six years old, came up with this strategy for the county Fair. "Let's see all of the animals, then go on the rides, and then have a treat so we don't get sick on the rides," he said. "No lemonade!" he said. I agreed, saying, "So that's your strategy? Sounds good." We watched the cows being shown in the arena. We saw the rabbits being judged- my favorite won, a handsome black and white Rex. The Moose refused to go into one of the poultry barns due to the unmentionable smells emitting from the entrance. We did managed to visit the horse barns, another poultry house, the rabbits, goats, sheep barn, and the piggies! I haven't seen pigs up close for a while, and I can report that even sleeping pigs have happy smiles on their faces.

Bungee Cord Jumping
A day at the county fair seems a perfect cap to having rently read Charlotte's Web on summer vacation. That is until the swings. It seems the twirly cups set up the "swing stomach event" resulting in one munster covered in her lunch and looking very pale. The young men running the swings were very nice, tossing a bucket of water onto the swing to clean it off and asking after us. I did my best to rush the Mule to the fairground's bathroom, but it was, of course, far away. I washed everything off in the bathroom sink with hand soap. We let the Moose do a few more rides while the Mule sipped a Coke. His favorite ride at the end of day? "The bungee cord!" he said. "Can we come back tomorrow?" asked the Mule as her dad carried her on his shoulders to the car. "We'll see," he replied.

Tomorrow we hope to close on our house, but apparently it is not a settled deal due to there being a variety of problems with the paperwork provided by the appraiser. We'll see what happens, tomorrow.

As the munsters enjoy an episode of Olivia, dada is making gumbo, and mama is thinking about a whole lot of nothing. I did tell the Mule that she is officially an Ohioan now that she has thrown up at the fair. She's thrilled that the pressure is off for eating corn to qualify for that designation.

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