Sunday, September 4, 2011

BBQ: American Meets Japanese

Because no Labor Day Weekend should be without one, we had a BBQ with our Japanese friends at the beach. When Japan meets America at the grill, you get real charcoal, big meat,  yaki onigiri, tofu pockets with negi, and potatoes wrapped in wet newspaper and foil buried in the coals. Being a holiday, playing with your food is encouraged- whack the watermelon wearing a blindfold and amble about on uneven ground after a few spins for a bit of Japanese summer fun. Singing for sake is also welcomed.
Yaki onigiri, Tofu Purses & Foil Wrapped Potatoes
Tenderloin with Yuzu Koshu
Blindfold and spinning add to the challenge
Whacking the watermelon
Watermelon is no worse for the wear
Singing for sake from Sendai (last years)

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