Sunday, September 4, 2011

Off to Bill's Once More with a Side of Paddle Board

It being an American holiday and with our children in (Japanese) school, we went off to Bill's Restaurant once more. We had thirty minutes to while away so we crossed over to sit on the seawall and watch the surf and surfers. A paddle boarder caught my attention. Since our trip to Hawaii I have had a bit of paddle board lust, but the idea of carting a long heavy paddle board about on my bike (plus the cost) is a show stopper. Today though I saw something very tempting- an inflatable paddle board! It folds up into a backpack. Once I realized the paddle boarder was an English speaker I called out to him to ask about where he bought his board. I have not seen anything like it. He said, "I make'em." He is Australian. He told us that, "they have overtaken surfing in Australia. You can really get around and catch the waves with 'em." Apparently the local surf point is controlled by a couple of bullies who are not impressed. He said he's been paddle boarding there for four years, but the local surf bullies gave him a ration of grief for bringing his paddle board- I don't think they are wearing him down though. We had watched him come in from the waves and then "chat" for at least twenty of our thirty minutes. I didn't take pictures of him loading up the board, but here are a few I did snap. It folds up into a backpack that comes with it as well as with a small hand pump plus it is soft if you fall off. It looks so fun!
Note the paddle boarder trolling
The Grief Meeting with the Japanese locals
My favorite holiday treat with a side of Honeybunny
Breakfast of Champions courtesy of Bill's

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