Friday, September 23, 2011

Easy Living

To die for waffles, ice cream, and carmel- oyshi!
Living Right
The Buddhist speak of right livlihood. Today I was living right. We rushed to our favorite udon shop (eight of us) hoping to get lucky as our friends had just over one hour to eat before catching the train back to Narita. We got eight seats which feels like a coup in any restaurant along Komachidori. Afterward, we went to the waffle shop for dessert and coffee and got the last table which happened to be for six which again felt like living right since we were by then only six. It is so nice when life works out, without effort, without planning.

William Burroughs wrote a short story called "The Now" alluding to this concept which was referred to as "do easy." Rarely does my life work this way. Ah, faith restored, I could do with more do easy in my life.

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