Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Lego Sacrifice

Lego Aztec priests sacrifice a victim

A New Library Book

The minor history buff in my house has a new library book. It is about the Aztecs.

The Aztecs sacrificed humans in their temples. When the great mast Spanish ships arrived, they kindly brought fresh victims to sacrifice in Cortes' presence- much to the Spaniard's horror.  The Aztec's interest in warfare was in part related to the need for sacrificial victims i.e. prisoners of war.

Reading Comprehension

I tried to sanitize the book as I read it, but it has pictures and the Moose is a little boy and he is fascinated with this so he has been studying it. He interpreted the reason the Aztecs sacrificed humans to his dad as, "Their gods sacrificed themselves to make the sun. The people were sacrificed to make the sun go around. When the sun always shines it is good for the harvest." The photo (above) is of his Lego interpretation of the Aztec priest sacrificing a victim- "they are removing his heart so he can bleed all the way down the steps," he explained to me.

In case you missed my post about boys turned off from reading and school, please review this national concern, and may I add that raising this little boy requires a bit of concern, a dash of hope, and a whole lot of love- I am guessing this might apply to a few more children out there too.

The library book: The Lost Temple of the Aztecs

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