Friday, November 25, 2011

Feeling Thankful

A box of chocolates from the Chicago area
Tonight felt like Thanksgiving. We had friends over for dinner. We drank wine and had roast beef, roasted potatoes, greenbeans, chocolates and chocolate mousse for dessert. The children were sleeping. God bless friends. We all need them even if they are just a few. Friends are the difference between savage and domestic. My husband's roasted angus beef was superb accompanied by crispy lard saited roasted potatoes and a lovely zinfandel which took me by surprise with its sophistication. Wine is a gift from nature to us wee heathens assuming we have avoided becoming alcoholics. Sincerely a benefit of my husband's months on call at a time is that we have managed to become tea totalers otherwise known as easy drunks. My husband doubted my choice of prosecco asking upon what knowledge was the selection based? Truly, it was based on that nifty label, but it was a good- dry, crisp.

Holidays are not for meals, don't get me wrong, food is important, but holidays are about companionship and comraderie. I saw it in my husband's face today. He spoke with his parents and brother over the internet. Afterward, he was silent and withdrawn. He wanted to be there. Hours later, he said so.

Don't go out. Even if you fry balogna. It is about cooking and being together. A clan at home is better than the best food in a restaurant. Holidays are for friends and family. For your health, visit with each other. Find a way to accept the differences and be grateful for the chance to be.

The next day, you can find a restaurant if only for you. To push your tastebuds into new horizons. You need to be haunted, hounded by a taste.

What do you smell? What is on your upper lip? Go out my friend, you need a new taste to wake up your smile. Stay home my friend, drink a cup of tea and sigh, "there's no place like home."

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