Wednesday, November 23, 2011


School Holiday
Today is a Japanese holiday so my children were off from school. My husband has an American work schedule so he is at work, still, even though it is 9:28 p.m. (and folks wonder why I have time to write). Tomorrow is an American holiday, Thanksgiving. Our children will go to school, and we will go on a lunch date and most likely eat burritos for dinner- turkey isn't high on our childrens's favorite dinner list.

Lugging Home a Christmas Tree
Today, having several Christmas packages to mail, I suggested we "have lunch with Dada" and "do some Christmas shopping." We came home with a seven foot Christmas tree in our car which is maybe eight feet long. It took a lot of effort to stuff that tree into our car, however, at the base a young shop woman helped me get the tree into the car. At home, the munsters helped me get it out. I wish I had a movie camera of the three of us tugging and pulling the tree out of the car. I had to suppress a laugh when they started chanting, "Wasshoi!" as we marched in time hauling the tree like the shrine bearers do when moving the portable shrines in summer. It was like the dwarves whistling while they worked, a happy moment.

Toast for Thanksgiving
The munsters did not want to leave the tree outside on the porch. "It's so sad to leave it outside," they protested. "Oh, it's happy that we brought it home," I reassured them. I suggested they watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. "Oh, the one with the philgrims," said the Moose. "Pilgrims," I corrected. In the effort to get the Apple TV and stereo to work, the lonely tree was forgotten and left in a bucket to soak up water.  While I was distracted with dinner and putting things away, the munsters managed to watch two thanksgiving specials- the one with the pilgrims and the one with toast- as well as the Christmas special. Now there is a thought, how about toast for Thanksgiving? We could do that, everyone around here likes toast.

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