Thursday, November 10, 2011

Observing Depth in a Quilt Show

The Yokohama International Quilt Show 2011 opened today. For textile fans there was plenty of eye candy and for crafty folks projects to buy and inspiration galore. For the gaijin crowd, the lack of English explanations for the Japanese crafts may slow you down, but with lots of pictures I hope to remember some semblance of them later. I am not so crafty, but I do love fabric, purses, and color; there was plenty of all three on display. The third dimension of depth was featured in many of the purses- see photos below. There was even a quilted moose statue with a Christmas tree nearby filled with moose ornaments.

My favorite part was asking questions of Inge Mardal. Photos were not permitted of the quilts she and her husband, Steen Hougs, make. They start with plain fabric and use fabric paint to paint pictures and then she quilts them by machine. Their work is exquisite, and with thirty-one quilts on display, a true feast for the eyes. She told us that she does not plan a thing! "Otherwise it would be too boring." She also said, "If I can do this, anyone can." But their unique vision is something no one else has. So much beauty in all of that fabric- awaiting sewing needles everywhere.

A striking quilt from the Japanese section
Purse with 3D webbing design
This is made from tatami matting edging material- just lovely!
Quilted purse with 3D flowers
I loved the peekaboo of the color with the 3D effect
I loved the onni & bought the kit- wishing I had gotten the kitty too!
It was crowded
This purse was quilted with cotton yarn- gorgeous!
Moose ornament
Quilted Moose Statue
A lovely quilt- I liked the colors as well

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