Friday, November 11, 2011

Trains, Chow, & Samurai

The electronic sign reads, "Please switch off your mobile phone when near priority seating. In other areas please set to silent mode and refrain from talking." The train is quiet. Passengers are either asleep like the five people sitting  across from me or reading very small books that fit into one hand like the other two people. The overwhelming wardrobe choice is dark whether it is black, grey, or navy, everyone is wearing muted dark colors. The lone splash of pink punctuates a young woman's outfit while a red scarf is sported by an older woman. The escalator ride up is long. You have to walk if you are on the right so I stand on the left and take the picture below. I am mesmerized by the people; there are so many of them scurrying here and there: quiet, polite, but on the move. Later in the afternoon, I spot the school children on their way home. In Japan, children use public transportation to go to and from school, to get around Tokyo, and to attend after school lessons- no one bats an eye at them, no one bothers them, and, no, they are not with their parents.

Today's excursion was to the place where our friends will soon open their restaurant tentatively titled Bistrot Nobu. Currently, it is a sushi bar which will move to Ebisu at month's end. The chef was kind enough to allow us a peek while he was prepping for the evening's customers. We had thought to have lunch there but they are only open in the evenings which worked for me because I am more of a fried fish kind of fish eater. We ate a lovely meal at a French restaurant, Cyrano de Bergerac, mine being carrot soup; pork with mustard sauce, fried potatoes, and apples; and a lovely chestnut tart all of which I gobbled up before I thought to take a photo. Their tea was even French. 

On the way to the future restaurant a sword shop with an over two hundred year old Samurai outfit for sale in the window was irresistible. I am sure the Moose will give the restaurant rave reviews just for location- being located near a Samurai outfit that is. I am excited for our friends! Lunch in Tokyo was a nice trip on a rainy day, but I am really glad I missed rush hour.
Escalators in Japan: walk on the right, stand on the left 
This is not even rush hour in Shinjuku Station (Japan)
School children on their way home 
Samurai gear for sale- +200 years old
Loved this image of the fish- draining?
The Sushi Chef prepping for the evening
The restaurant soon to be Bistrot Nobu

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