Friday, November 18, 2011

Ten Bucks

The Deal

In the middle of a story I stopped abruptly and said, "I'll give you five bucks if you put yourselves to bed." The Mule hightailed it to their room followed by the Moose. I turned off the lamp and snuggled into the covers surprised by my success. I heard the Moose say from his bed, "I can't go to sleep without a hug and a kiss!" I thought I'm doomed, I'll have to get up anyway. He came into my room and gave me a hug and a kiss, asking, "Do I still get my five bucks?" "Un huh," was my tired response. I had contemplated letting them sleep with me until I got inspired by the five bucks. I told my husband in the morning. I didn't remember him calling or coming home, but he said, "Mule already told me." Later he told me not to "bribe" them again. I was desperate what can say.

Ten Bucks

I bought a bag of lemon rinds for ten bucks today. I misunderstood the sign- I thought the bags were five bucks, at the cash register I learned otherwise. I shrugged thinking back to my prior evening's bargain. Ten bucks doesn't go so far these days. But still, five years ago if you would have told me that I would spend ten dollars on lemon rinds or on getting my children to go to bed, I would have said, "no way!" Yuzu peel to be precise is a family favorite. My kids ate my stash. Perhaps Santa needs some stocking stuffers? You can't easily find yuzu peel since it's a seasonal item like most everything else in Japan.

I did some preliminary Christmas shopping tonight while the kiddos were swimming. It seemed kind of lonely to shop for the holidays by myself so I stopped for a treat. I am working on getting fat again- that is what happens when I am not stressed. Just in time for winter fashions except I swear it is seventy degrees out! What is up with the weather this year?

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