Thursday, November 17, 2011

Third Thursday in November

Third Thursday of November is for Beaujolais Nouveau
"Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!" It is good to take part in the rituals of life. Drinking the new wine of the harvest on the third Thursday of November is a tradition in France, and I am happy to report, in this corner of Japan as well, thanks to my swanky friends who happen to have a friend in the wine business.

Last year I skipped the event but then regretted my decision. Frivolous moments are few and far between in the daily grind. Kendo Mama hosted potluck, giving each of us instructions to, "bring something that goes with wine." In my case, however, she did ask for chocolate cake. This morning I cracked open my ever favorite cake cookbook, Warm Bread and Honey Cake and started baking. The chocolate cake tasted great, but Ms. Pagrach-Chandra cooks in a warm house. My house was so cold that the chocolate I had melted solidified before I could mix it into the batter- it happened that quick! I had the same problem with the boiled chocolate frosting. I am saddened by the cake's picture.
Chocolate Cake with Boiled Chocolate Frosting
Next time I will wait to make the frosting until just before I need it so that I can have the glossy shiny frosting that I did make on the cake. Next year I hope to live in a warm house too- you know one with insulation and double hung windows that keep the heat inside instead of leaking out of all of the crevices.
This is how Boiled Chocolate Frosting should look on the cake!
Tis a lovely thing when a day includes wine and chocolate cake and all of the other delectable treats the mamas prepared. This is an annual tradition I don't plan to skip again. 

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