Sunday, March 25, 2012

Museums & Munsters

Museum Trek

We didn't just eat in Tokyo. We also went to the Tokyo National Museum. One would think after nearly five years within striking distance of Tokyo that we would have more museums under our belt. Life with kiddos brings challenges and though we started out gung ho, the reality of dragging small children about tourists sites quickly vanished from our "let's do this list."

Some how my children have morphed from museum-phobic into museumophile munsters. The Moose tends to blaze through too quickly but his enthusiasm is contagious. When I called for him to slow down, he said, "I'm sorry Mama. I'm just so excited to see what's next!" I felt a bit of a thrill that the love of museums seems to have organically established itself.

The museum exhibits included tomb ceramics; swords; paintings; illustrated books on beauty care, grooming, and eyebrow placement- foreheads were popular; and textiles. There was some English signage throughout the exhibits particularly about the development and parralel activities for ceramics in Japan, China, and Korea, because of their influence or lack of influence on Japanese styles.

The tomb ceramics reflected items people used in daily life as well as some interesting objects that captivated our interest- check out the dancing people! I loved these guys. We promised our kiddos we would return for more.

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