Friday, March 30, 2012

Retirement Calls

The Call
My mom called today her voice singing with happiness. She is officially retired! It was a recent decision not a long drawn out countdown. Three weeks ago she decided it was time. My guess is that my mom will be fine in her retirement but it may take some adjustment to new routines which will hopefully include more time to rest, exercise, cook, and play.

As she stands on the threshold of change her friends, family, and co-workers had a luncheon at McGuires for her. She told me about the people, the food, and the book they all signed and gave to her as a gift. She may have told me about the food first, she does that.

The Thought
She has worked hard and given much in her years at the office. She has much to be proud of and with her departure there is the makings of an end of an era, the "When Jeanette was here..." kind of thing. She was a by the book, knew the regulations, and no shortcuts to a good job kind of worker. They were lucky to have her.

I know I am. Happy retirement Mom!
My mom's retirement cake!
The Gift
I was hoping my bag would make it, but alas it did not. I held off posting a photo to surprise her, but it seems appropriate to post it here. For the record, I did look at the fabric twice before I cut it. I was really sure that the pattern could go either way. The Mule questioned my direction choice, but I'm sticking with dochi demo, either way is ok! I loved the fabric and liner combination and hope my mom does too. Now, I'll be counting down someone else's retirement and this one is a long drawn out affair! Beer will be the official drink for the next one in case anyone is wondering. A band might be in order too!
My mom's RETIRED bag! Ready for whatever she is!

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