Monday, April 2, 2012

The Lowdown on a Spring Day

The day was beautiful with a touch of sun. I am beginning to believe it's spring.

Dear Summer,
I long for your warm days. I promise not to despise you when I am sweaty and drippy and hours from a bath.

Do come, and tell spring to bring us some orders. I really want to go home.
What? Ruby Red Slippers? No, no, brown shoes.

If we close our eyes and tap our heels together three times and say, 'There's no place like home,' then can we go?

When my children ask me, "Where is your favorite place Mama?" I always say, "Home, in bed." I love bed. More and more, I am wishing that our home though was in the States. Let me clarify that being in the States represents my husband being out of the Navy. It's not so much about Japan or really the Navy generally, but specifically from a crushing workload for which there is no respite.

I stopped by to see him today and uncharacteristically he walked me outside the building. I thought this is either a really bad sign, as in he's flipped a lid and gone the hippie smell the flowers route of coo coo, or, this is good, he's walking away from work to get a dose of sunshine. I had it all wrong. Nature called.
The bathrooms for Behavioral Health at Yokosuka Naval Hospital Japan 4/2/12
The building with no drinking water, now has no toilet. At least in Japan portable toilets are fancy compared to our American holes. It even had spritzer for deodorizing the "room." I laughed pretty hard when I saw the bathrooms.

There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Oh, my stair chomp-per! The Moose tried to take a bite out of the stairs today. He has some wiggly teeth now. The dentist recently recommended wiggling his teeth for five minutes each day to loosen up his front teeth. In one swift tumble, he has one hanging by a thread. His chin should be a lovely purple brown for the first day of school later this week. At least his dad got to stop by the emergency room and give him a hug. I think his dad needed it more.

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