Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Boy

Wife: Did you take off your birthday?
Husband: No. It's just my birthday. It's not a big deal.
Wife: It's a big deal to your children, try to get home.

Our children were thrilled that their dad was heading home in time for them to see him on his birthday. I had not believed it would happen and thus found myself in a lurch with no birthday cake. I ran out to get a birthday cake and instructed the munsters to take their baths. I got back with the cake and they were wearing pajamas. I was impressed.

The Mule asked if she could hold a vigil outside while she waited for her dad to come home. It was close to his arrival time so I let her go. My husband arrived home laughing. The Mule had run half way down the yochien bike path in her pajamas and crocs. She squealed with delight to greet him on his birthday bike ride home and then ran all the way back shouting for joy.

I'd say for your birthday bang it doesn't get much better than that. But that cake with seventy percent cocoa was pretty tasty.

No birthday is complete without cake & candles
Happy Birthday Honey Bunny

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