Friday, April 27, 2012

Who Does it Serve?

I live in a giant bubble. A language barrier prevents my absorption of local political ads, and no television hook up insures none inadvertently poisons my movie time, about once a month. I limit my political intake to reading the paper and online news sources. I find that I'm more capable of discriminating between relevant news and political marketing this way at least some of the time.

There is certainly room to read more. However, I find binging on injustice, hate, fear, and ridiculous bureaucratic policies serves paralysis, convenient for the powers that be, those with the money and in control, but not the individual trying to get a foothold on a meaningful political step.

Online repost of vitriol political issues that for an actual voter or consumer change nothing, mean my bubble has been burst. These reposts merely serve to poison the fresh ground of internet time. Instead of seeing new thoughts flourish, the same old mindless thinking perseveres.

Introducing a contentious issue that is not even on the table merely serves to divide and distract. Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973. If we are divided, we can be conquered. Dividing over political issues that are not even an option is for what end?

Every time I see this divide and distract technique used, I ask, ""What's actually at stake here?" It comes down to not much. We are creating tension, distrust, and anger over meaningless mindless political controversies. Consider: Who does this serve? Who will it benefit? Is it fair or just to all or only a few?

I'm all for sharing ideas that can be mulled over, chewed upon, but they should be worthy of consideration. The political sharing written by news sources, containing a lot of fluff about someone's connections and values but little on the details of what will change or be done, offer divisive views that are beyond impact.

Find something more nourishing- empty calories make us fat, bloated, and unhealthy in the long run- it can happen to your mind, body, or spirit.

Got some political angst? Write a letter to Congress; follow a specific issue, bill, industry; go deep, but always consider: is this a fair policy, would I want the tables turned? When you get there, sign me up. This isn't about politics, but mindless consuming. You've got something better to share, something personal, something meaningful, and it's something that can't breathe in the same room as that TV.

I'm happy to mindlessly consume train station food in Japan- this is in a train station!!!

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