Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Limbo Land & Bags

Limbo Land

It's spring break so my children are home. Since they are behind in the English reading, writing, and spelling, I have them working on it in the mornings. It takes a lot of time, but come August, I hope they will be happy they prepared for the transition to American school. As I write,  I have a growing sense of dread that those orders that we need to move are stuck in Limbo Land. Still, I must prepare my children when and while I can. Japanese school and schedules are demanding, leaving little time for English work. For now, little else is getting done beyond the laundry and breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm ready to take them to McDonalds except that I brain washed them and they don't like to eat at McDonalds. What was I thinking?

Advice for Parents

New parents take note, don't feed your children organic food and teach them about high fructose corn syrup and other processed food sundries or you will become a slave to your stove.

Sewing Projects

I did, however, work on two birthday projects. One has been delivered and one has not. I'll let the recipients remain anonymous, but I wanted to post the photos for my "Project Gallery." I really need to learn a new pattern. It surprised me that despite it being my fifth time to make the same bag, I'm still making mistakes. I rewrote my directions as part of the problem was my sloppy notes with arrows pointing here and there. I paid it forward by the way and taught another friend how to make it too.

I'm chomping at the bit to try some other styles. My Short Bus Sewing Circle, however, is about to go on spring break over at the American schools. It will be another week or two before we synchronize our schedules again. Our current project is a six block patchwork purse. My patches don't exactly match up. I undid my seam and did it again, and it still didn't match up. They say you learn from your mistakes so I think the problem is that I don't know what my mistake was. I left it the second time. Ripping seams is not my favorite activity. I did think I was rather clever to put the chickens on the black bag and they did match up! Maybe I learned something?

As the wind howls and the rain rages, I await our exodus from limbo land. Please, if you have any bag patterns, send them to me, teach me! Making bags is more fun than a hibernating spring and awaiting release.
Chickens, lots of Chickens- I should have made this one for my mom!
Strawberries & Lady Bugs

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  1. I love your bags! I think I might need another lesson on how to make this bag.


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