Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Making Changes

I have been revisiting old blog entries in attempt to unify photo sizes and edit out some of the more glaring errors and leaps of logic. It's enough to make a woman not want to write again, but there is some good stuff too.  Editing is time consuming, but this body of work of mine needs to be chiseled. Go back and read some of your favorite old posts. See if they still speak to you. Say more to you? Let me know. Like everything else, this is a work in progress. It's not finished, neither are you nor I.

When a friend recently said she liked my blog, I asked, "What do you like about it?" I wanted specifics. I thought by writing I would see the direction I needed to go- as if giant arrows pointing go here would appear. My friend said, "I like knowing I'm not alone." I imagine my various friends while I write, an audio clip playing along in the background of life. I get that, I'm not alone either. However, my ideas of writing had involved a story, maybe a novel, definitely a children's book, but I'm not feeling that. My husband encouraged me to keep at what I'm doing. I went in search of anyway.

Time Insights

In search of insight into my writing and the time I put into it, I meandered into Danielle LaPorte who talks about Tyrant Time (quantity) and Power Time (quality). She asks, "What sustains me? What exhausts me?" She tells us to "report on life" in clear truth. This resonated with me- it is where I've been trying to go for sometime. At least I'm at the base of the mountain I want to climb.

"The optimal concept here is passion coming before tasks." The real burner was when she asked, "How many mornings do we choose email over meditation?" "How habitually do we override the call from the interior of our being, the call to pray or listen or to just to be fully awake and noticing what is being said to us..." She is onto something in The Fire Starter Sessions.


Funny thing is when you spend time searching the internet for inputs, there are no outputs. While I'm thinking about how others tackle their reports on life, I'm not writing my own.

Meanwhile, I have organized a huge amount of paperwork, taken some much needed walks on the beach, and completed a sewing project. It feels good. I almost want to skip on this page and dance a jig to celebrate my new filing system (a two hole punch, a box of paper fasteners, and some files). Last summer when my husband could not locate our car title, I knew I had to do something. It just took me a while to get to it.

My Fat Quarter Bag

My fat quarter bag is finally finished. It was the first sewing project that I started. The fabric was purchased at the Yokohama Quilt Show from one of the vendors. My arty friend got me back on track. The Mule said, "It's the best bag yet Mama." My seams do not perfectly match, what's new, but the colors are nice, and I did it! Woohoo!

I have also been pretending that I'm leaving Japan in June. Because I'm pretending, it doesn't have to be reality, but it serves to flesh out the things to do before I move. This way, if we get orders, I can move along more calmly.

I'm feeling the need to insert major doses of calmness into my life, but that burning question above struck a chord, I have been choosing email again and again. At night, when I go to bed, I think, Tomorrow, when I get up, I'm going to stretch and meditate. Where does that thought go in the morning? It flies out the door with me everyday and lurks. It comes back every night. My interior has been calling. And I think my husband was right, I need to stick with what works for me.

My Fat Quarter Bag, made with a little help from my friends

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