Friday, May 11, 2012

The Best Gift Ever!

Today, the Friday before Mother's Day, is Military Spouses Day (since 1984). It is commemorated with a ceremonial speech by the US President. It is Friday in Japan, but not quite Friday in the US as I write.  I appreciate that there is some recognition for the spousal support given to Active Duty Members.

As a friend wrote, there is a whole lot of wrench turning, snap too unexpected socializing, and alone time you muster up in this military spouse life. Your spouse career? It involves perfecting moving, making new friends quickly, and scaling bureaucracy. Military spouses get pretty good at reading the lay of the land and landing on their feet while juggling home, hearth, and finances. Employers like their flexibility, families appreciate their presence, and once a year there is that ceremonial speech to look up on the web.

Today though, I got the best present EVER!!! My husband called me with the news while I was making pizza dough. Flour covered fingers reached for the phone. Are you ready? I'm not sure that even I'm ready. He said, "Happy Military Spouses Day!" I was suspect but there was something in his voice, excitement, happiness, that meant he was sincere. He's never wished me a "HMSD" before.

We have our retirement orders hot off the press! I'm thinking about finding that admin guru and buying him a beer or whatever slakes his thirst. He had told my husband the odds were sixty forty that we would get them, but it doesn't matter. They are here!

Getting your heart's desire also means executing the plan which means getting back to elbow grease. I have a few things to get busy doing.

Happy Military Spouses Day!

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