Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tilda Cartonnage Lesson

Cartonnage Craft

The word cartonnage comes to us from Egyptology and refers to the wet layers placed onto surfaces, think mummies. This term is used in Japan for the craft of decorating boxes, picture frames, trays, and other items embellished with colorful design fabrics. It is also enjoyed in France and Northern Europe.

Tilda Cartonnage Lessons

I noticed cartonnage items first at Swany (The fabric store in Kamakura) and then again at the 36th 2012 Japan Hobby Show in Yokohama. The Tilda exhibit caught my eye because I recognized the fabrics which are currently available at Swany and because of the lessons underway for cartonnage. Alas the lessons were in Japanese, well, we are in Japan. However, Northern Europeans’ ability to speak multiple languages was demonstrated once again to me when one of the exhibitors offered a greeting in English. We chatted about the possibility of lessons in English.

The Tilda Exhibit (ScanJap Inc.) at the Hobby Show
Today I am happy to share late breaking news that there is a Cartonnage Class being offered  this week on Thursday and Saturday at Atelier Amilie in Yokohama. The teacher, Koike-san, is open to having English speaking students!!! I do not know her or her level of English speaking experience, but this is hands on stuff so for the crafty out there, this is an opportunity to learn.

The English speaking exhibitor, Tanja Sillman, has offered to assist English speakers to register for the classes. See the details below.

The Details

There are 3 different lesson times each day.

DATES: 17th and 19th of May.
Lessons start at 10 o'clock, 1 o'clock and 5 o'clock and last about 1 hour.

There are 3 different projects from which to choose.  Please look at the poster below, though in Japanese, you can read A), B), and C) and see a small photo of the items from which to choose. Atelier Amilie's Koike-san is teaching.

A) IC pass case (suica, pasmo case), cost 3,150 yen

B) Cardcase, cost 3,465 yen

C) Little round basket for accessories or any other small items, cost 4,200 yen

Supplies are provided as part of the fee and given to the students when they arrive.

LOCATION: Yokohama Sogo, Living Gallery (6th Floor)
Address: Zip Code 220-8510, Sogo Yokohama Store 6F, 2-18-1 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City (www.sogo-gogo.com). It is very near Yokohama station.

To attend the class, for English speakers, please contact
Tanja Sillman

E-mail: tanja-s@scanjap.com
Tel: 03 6272 9451 | Fax: 03 6272 9453

If you are unable to take this class, keep an eye out for other opportunities near you or perhaps a friend or someone you may know is willing to teach, and there are always books!

Happy Crafting whatever tickles your interest!

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