Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hydrangeas are coming into bloom in Kamakura
I thought the rain would keep the tourist away, but it merely dampened the hordes. Besides it is a tad on the early side. I could see the blossoms, but I could also see the buds that have yet to open. In a few days, they will all be there looking down at the sea and so will the tourists. At least in Japan, you can politely wait your turn for the primo photo snapping spot.

Ajisai Hydrangeas
June brings the rainy season and the ajisai as hydrangea are known in Japanese. If you come, wear rain boots, a rain coat, and carry an umbrella. This week is surprisingly cool, but the weather is perfect for the flowers. In Japan, you learn to go to great effort to see the seasonal things like hydrangeas in bloom. Perhaps it's a passion to capture a moment at it's peak.

The numbers of spiders, centipedes, and other critters creeping around are increasing. The green around my house is intense. I understand it is thanks to the summer rains that the rice grows. I won't miss the bugs here, but I'm thankful for a greater awareness of hydragea season.

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