Monday, June 18, 2012

A Bit of Beauty

Japanese Mountain Lilly
A bit of summer beauty has emerged annually in my backyard. These Japanese Mountain Lillies may or may not survive the incoming typhoon later today. Doubt is a great motivator. I finally snapped a picture to remember them.

In his book Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, John O'Donohue writes, "In Greek the word for 'the beautiful' is to kalon. It is related to the word kalein which includes the notion of 'call'. When we experience beauty, we feel called. The Beautiful stirs passion and urgency in us and calls us forth from aloneness into the warmth and wonder if an eternal embrace. It unites us again with the neglected and forgotten grandeur of life.
from On Being with Krista Tippet: The Inner Landscape of Beauty 

Just in time for summer or at least typhoon season here in Japan, I made my first skirt for the Mule. She wanted it to be really long. Some how the kiddo already knows about Maxi length dresses. I talked her out of it being that long for practical reasons. There is also a matching pair of shorts under it! Woohoo, I felt so happy with myself that it fit, not that it was complicated, but that I did it.

If you have ever had an itch to do something like sewing or anything, do it now. Get a teacher, find class, but start. It is such a thrill to finally be able to create from nothing, a something. If I can do it, you can.

Sewed my first skirt

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