Friday, August 17, 2012

Tart Thoughts

Intentions compete with life. Life is hectic with guests, camp, business research, job interviews, and that whole unpacking thingy. Then there is baking which I have made time for more than writing since it is easier to do with company present.

I have been exploring tarts as fruit is readily available at the Farmer's Market here. The current favorite is really an old favorite with another crust, Fresh Peach Pie. The original crust recipe was always temperamental, at least for me.

In Japan, peaches are about five bucks each so if one splurged on a peach, one usually just ate the peach in its natural glory. Here in Ohio, the peaches are still dropping off of the trees and lots of them can be had for five bucks. I aim to get a basketful tomorrow. Fresh Peach Tart is calling my name.

It seems that the tarts I have remembered to photograph do not look so great, but they taste good.  I have baked a few in the past days. The chickadees aka the children liked the Apple Tart where as I was thrilled with the soury Almond Plum Tart. I didn't win any converts on the sour plum tart, but I would try it again. Plum jam is a favorite of mine and the tart was sort of like biting into pockets of plum jam in chewy almond tart base.

We finished off this week at Art Camp at the Dairy Barn with a few trips to the lake and more visitors. Tonight was the elementary school pool party. The Moose and the Mule are excited about starting school on Monday. They have been working on English with their Mimi aka their grandmother to improve their reading, spelling, and to some degree their writing. Now we just have to practice the walking route to school.

I can't get my head around being a mama in America quite yet. I was happy to find myself in conversation with a Japanese mama at the school pool party. I told her about the Tofu Lady and she told me about the Miso Man. It's not surprising food came up.

As the guests depart, school starts, and life in the hills of Ohio begins in earnest, I intend to explore more thoughts and more recipes.

Summer tarts, summer shots


  1. More piccies please! Unless you can describe your new location purely in words (there's a challenge). :-)

  2. Ah, the house, to me, is too disorganized to photograph. I will though. It will keep you checking on me-- haha.

  3. I was thinking more of the neighbourhood. Are you out in the sticks, or is St Arbucks just down the road? Can the kiddiwinks walk or cycle to school... Is there countryside - wilderness, arable, or pastural farming... How far to the nearest 10 storey electronics store. :-)


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