Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Revamp

Today, I dropped some paperwork off to get paid for a magazine article I wrote. It will be published next month. There is a thrill associated with finally getting paid for writing, but the thought that has been reverberating in my head is, How do I do this again? This job came about from writing online, having a track record with a story in development, and being located in Japan; someone found me.

I want to capitalize on the I'm officially a writer thought, but the odds that another magazine editor will find me seems low, but it happened once. I decided to spend some time revamping my blog design, just in case.

In an effort to simplify the look of my blog, I cut and pasted code to see what would work. It took an enormous amount of time as most things technological seem to do when they are here to simplify our lives.

I tried several different formats for sharing my blog partly because I didn't know what was possible, partly because I didn't know the terminology for the link widget plug-ins, and partly because some of the code I tried didn't work despite pouring over where to insert the code and changing links. There might be ten million experts out there on the web, all with their, "download my solution for xx dollars and all your problems will be cured," but I'm looking for the free stuff, and I'm evaluating it without much coding savvy.

Setting aside time to focus on these types of mundane tasks is never easy. From time to time, I want to update some of the options available for sharing my blog-- a good design or look may help readers notice it and sign up for new posts via one of the fancy subscribe buttons. A writer can hope but really when I'm trying to refine design, I'm not writing. Writing is equally time consuming, but it takes me some where creatively so it's worth the adventure.

Technology is a slippery slope in that it offers great opportunity, but do not forget it exacts a price usually in your patience and time. I once made fun of a woman carrying a large suitcase sized cell phone while out walking in the eighties, now I have a phone the size of a deck of cards that can do wonders. I feel sure that the universe is reminding me of this less than gracious moment even as I set aside time to improve my use of blogging technology.

The usual adventures should resume eventually.

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  1. I added the link to the icons I used as I went through several rounds of trying to find some that would work--maybe it will help someone else in search of.


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