Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pop Songs & Oreos

I'm wearing flower pajama pants, eating orange Halloween Oreo cookies, and watching a Tinker Bell movie with my kiddos. The movie is ho hum except if you love fairies, then it is all about magic and tiny things. At bedtime there is a trail of coins leading to a doll's house with a welcome sign for fairies.

I was curious about the voices (in the movie), but I had them all wrong. I'm out of the pop culture loop-- it's like eating all those orange Oreos, it's not very nutritious and yet sometimes we binge.

The pop singers from these Disney tunes are all under twenty. I can't figure out when any of them started, but it appears to be that you know by about age ten if you want to be one. It is impressive how calmly they handle crowds, work the love angle, and yet downplay the stats. I thought back to my preteen days of Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garret. It's always been about great hair and crooning about love.

Nowadays I watch a lot of Shaun the Sheep. We're talking high brow at my house. I need a big glass of water to wash out all of the corn syrup. I didn't look, but I'm pretty sure that those Oreos are made with high fructose corn syrup.

Maybe I should start a boy hair band? I'd have to convince my kid to grow his hair out and to like singing in public. I'll contrast this with reality. At seven, he sits in a chair and tells me, "That song fits." I look up from the table. A George Sheering jazz tune is playing, and it's kind of melancholy. "It fits what?" I ask. "You know, how I feel," he tells me. I don't think he's going to be in a boy hair band.

Yesterday he was stomping, no, make that jumping up and down on the front porch in sheer frustration.  Negotiating with friends, sharing (or not) toys, and being a kid, overwhelmed him. I did my best to talk him through it, and he managed to move along.

It is where we are tender that life can change us.

Welcome Fairies sign

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