Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Dinner Club Launch

My husband is thousands of miles away for a few more days. There is living to do and not being one to reform my ways, I'm up to my usual tactics of Tom Sawyering. Tom Sawyer roped his friends into painting a fence, I roped my friends into cooking a dinner party.

Asked by new friends and acquaintances about cooking Japanese food, I called them up and invited them over after consulting with the Tofu Lady-- she agreed to help me organize a Japanese dinner party. I called the whole thing "Cooking with Friends" and we planned the menu. The point was to cook the meal together and to teach them a bit about cooking Japanese food along the way.

Time spent doing something fun with friends made more than a delicious meal-- we made new memories, swapped stories, and discovered recipes that just might become new standbys. I am spreading the love of steam buns as wide and as far as I can. Drinking home brew out of Fuji san glasses from good friends in Japan added a meaningful touch when my new friends said, "Kanpai!" using them.

I am organizationally challenged. I resort to list making and diving in head first with things that interest me. I brazenly ask others to do something if I sense a mutual interest. My interests shift about, but I'll take genuine passion over plodding any day. I can handle "no" when my inquiries land a rebuff, but I love when a small group comes together and makes something happen that would not be otherwise. I can't not ask when my interests are peaked, and tonight I am so glad that I did ask and that they did too.

It's more fun to host a dinner party when the guests help you cook though this would mortify my dear husband. He hasn't gotten rid of me yet so I'm thinking he'll have to brace himself, the Tom Sawyer Dinner Club has launched.

The highlights of dinner were the salmon nabe pot, turnips in dashi, steam buns, quick pickles, spinach with sesame paste dressing, and tofu cheesecake with orange jello. It was all so much more spectacular than I could have hoped.
Cooking with Friends Japanese Dinner

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