Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My husband downloaded the app, Buycott, onto his iPhone so of course it downloaded onto mine. I had no idea how entertaining it would be. It scans the barcode of any product, runs it through a database, and reports on the causes the company and its parent company supports or opposes. This allows you, the wee consumer, to focus your spending dollars on companies that best align with causes you support. Now, put that into the hands of a couple of kiddos! They wore our phone batteries out--scanning everything in the kitchen, bathroom, and they were in their toy boxes when I took the phones away.

I learned that I should not be using canola oil, that I need a new source of corn starch, and that a lot of the food and products that I buy are from good companies. Still, it impressed me to know how easy it is to both hide and, now, see the connections companies have with each other.  Take a look at the app if you've an interest in knowing more about what your money supports.

buycott app

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