Thursday, April 10, 2014

Homemade Nutella (No Palm Oil)

Kiddos, like other consumers, impact the world by their choices. A research project on Bornean Orangutans, an endangered animal, lead to the realization that orangutan habitat is being destroyed to make room for mono-plantations of palms, for the palm oil, in South East Asia. This led to some label reading and the discovery that the beloved nutella was made with palm oil (20% from what I gather).

Not wanting to eat palm oil, led to researching palm oil free nutella recipes. This one is by Adrien Gontier, a French geochemistry student that gave up palm oil and was featured on PRI. Palm oil is in many products beyond foods-- soaps, shampoos, etc. This is going to make selling Girl Scout cookies interesting. In the meantime, I'm hoping to find a sustainably harvested kind of nutella and there are a few jars stashed in the pantry to finish off.

Consider that beyond health concerns, palm oil usage in processed foods is destroying unique habitat. Saving habitat and avoiding palm oil is a choice that will impact more than a momentary cookie break or the fifteen minutes you spend making your own spread, reading labels, and making choices that matter.

Homemade Nutella (No Palm Oil)
Powdered Milk, 25 gm (~1oz)
Cocoa Powder, 60 gm (~2.5 oz)
Powdered Hazelnuts, 95 gm (~3 oz)
Agave Syrup, 100 gm (~3.5 oz)
Sugar cane syrup: (50 g water et 100g cane sugar) = cane syrup made with 3.5 oz cane sugar and 1.75 oz water

Mix all ingredients together and eat it on bananas, bread, or with a spoon.

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