Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Girl Scout

I set off for Girl Scout camp for leaders not long ago. I was and I wasn't prepared. After I got there, I realized I had glossed over the packing list when I found myself wishing I had a pillow. My backpack worked in a pinch. I used the same styrofoam cup all weekend, but next time, a reusable mug might be in my stash even though it wasn't on the official list. My pajama top worked as a towel, but I wished I had remembered that I wasn't sleeping in a hotel. Camp wasn't only about packing flails, it was also about experiences and building skills.

Here's a picture of my situpon made of a vinyl tablecloth and duct tape-- you can stuff them with almost anything from leaves to newspapers to padding. The knots and lashes class taxed my brain, but in the moment I was able to tie things up. I sang camp songs and earned quals in hiking, fire building, and camping. The closing camp ceremony was planned and implemented as a group so we learned as newbies and pros alike from each other.

Sure, my feet were cold, I got only one shower in three days, and the food was local, mainly from Walmart, but I appreciated that other women got up and cooked for me and forty-nine other women, and I'm ready to take a Girl Scout troop on a camping trip!

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