Monday, May 12, 2014

In the Name of God

Statements like, “We’re all good Christian women here,” or questions like, “Do you take Jesus Christ to be your personal savior?” put me on high alert for the confines of an exclusive club I don't want to join. Remember Jesus loved the outcasts, lepers, and the poor. Ever notice that, “In the name of God,” is often evoked just before life, love, or peace is destroyed?

Words have been highjacked by people who are about helping themselves, their agenda, or their vision. Oh, they see themselves as helping the world rid itself of compromised people, places, or things, but they tend to want the nice labels and so there is an emphasis on vocabulary. Like joining a gang, you are expected to speak, dress, or act in certain ways to prove your loyalty. Though not a teachable moment, the call for these kinds of labels is a sign to depart or an indicator of a place to avoid.

Skip the verbal hi jinks and, instead, show me.

Look for builders of community— people doing, making, or creating things that serve anyone who comes along. There are no secret words or phrases uttered as a dividing line because all are welcome. Sometimes you are asked to contribute or help, but often you are not because it is hoped that you will (eventually) do so on your own accord. However, if you don’t help or say the magic incantations, you are still welcome.

That nothing is required of you is the mark of a safe haven, dwell here. 

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