Monday, May 5, 2014

Observing New York

During my few days in New York, I've noticed a few things.

-People are nice, even helpful. The hotel desk clerk warned us that our minibar is possessed, "Don't touch it, don't even go near it." 

-Despite my expectations, there are heterosexual men here, though, half of the guys that I think are gay, because they are wearing tight pants, pointy shoes, and short jackets, are just European. 

-Women carry handbags, even if they also wear a backpack. You have to check backpacks at the museums so a small purse is useful. Wish I had thought of this when I was packing because carrying my wallet in my hand at the museums is getting old.

-New York is walkable, but after fifteen miles, my feet hurt. I bought a new pair of shoes-- unattractive, but my toes can wiggle in them. 

-People are from everywhere, I keep hearing languages from the world over, but if pressed, everyone speaks a little English.

-Old people and little kids walk faster than I do, or maybe it's that my feet hurt.

-There is no place like home, hotel beds are lumpy.

-New Yorkers call their mothers. I've heard many variations of "Mom" today, kind of sweet.

-I like the museums, the shopping is fine, and the restaurants are plentiful, but the city exhausts me. Then I went to Evensong at Saint Thomas Church (5th Aveue, NYC). The acoustics are amazing, the singing is beautiful, and I felt restored.

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