Sunday, May 4, 2014

Two Bowls of Ramen

Deprivation, nearly two years, makes one do things like eat two bowls of ramen in one day. 

Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop is very good, though the location, Gotham West Market (600 11th Ave., NYC), feels a tad slick. My husband referred to the place as being "too Chipotle-fied." However, we did meet Ivan Orkin at the not yet open (May 9) second location (25 Clinton Street, NYC). He kindly chatted with us and said to come back. (They signed a ten year lease.) The Clinton location looks to be more of a neighborhood restaurant, and based on his awesome broth at the Slurp Shop, I'll be back.

Meeting Ivan Ramen, 25 Clinton Street, NYC
Because we ate early at the Slurp Shop, we decided to stop off at Totto Ramen and wait with the crowd. It's so much easier to wait when you're not hungry. The shop is small with the ambiance of Japan, minus the thumping music. Plus, I still wanted to get menma (bamboo shoots) and a soft boiled egg with my ramen.

After two bowls of ramen, our bellies sloshed back to the hotel.

I've seen a few produce stalls, but it seems woefully inadequate for a gastronomic city the size of New York. The search for produce led me to Chelsea Market which is full of bakeries and restaurants, but slim on produce.

My husband, ever more insightful and able to cook than I, reminded me of his college friend from New York City, who once said, "This is how you make fried rice in New York City!" The friend then picked up the phone. Apparently, not everyone cooks, the kitchens are small, but, there's plenty to eat on the streets and they deliver.

My husband is wondering if I've maxed out on ramen yet. Stay tuned, I've got a day or two left. 

Slurp Shop & Totto Ramen

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