Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dinner in a Box?

More than once, women friends have mentioned the desire for or the use of dinner in a box services (The Blue Apron, Peach Dish, Plated). I haven't ever used one, but I get the appeal for this kind of service. This isn't dinner in a box as in preserved processed food, but as in proportioned ingredients, with a recipe, sent to your home to alleviate the grunt work of kitchen duty. 

The service costs money and is mostly available in larger cities, but it adds variety and fresh food to the diet that can be a welcome respite at the end of a weary day when kitchen duty beckons. 

The lure-- eating healthy, tasty food, made of fresh local ingredients with a plan but also options for improv. Oh, I get that dream-- the pleasure of cooking at home so it's super fresh, hot, and builds your cooking skills and kitchen repertoire, but no shopping or thinking required-- just a cook with a plan and ingredients. I have to think about ways to use produce, add vegetables, avoid the same meal rut, and I sense that I'm not alone.

With the abundance of awesome fresh ingredients, chefs, and purveyors of meats, vegetables, fruits, beers, wines, cider, meads, salsas, pickles, sauces, crackers, grains, beans, cheeses, and pasta, in Athens, the missing link is the combiner of things into an easily transportable basket, box, etc., so that it can be picked up or delivered. It seems like an idea whose time has come.

I see a business opportunity, maybe only a small business opportunity, for those who want to go home at the end of the day, pour a beverage and cook dinner without the running around for last minute ingredients, grocery shopping, and then to enjoy the beauty of one's own home and table. 

Intrigued? Interested in the idea? I am.

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