Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jr Chefs

My moment of glory was teaching the junior chefs at the Athens Farmers Market today. We suited up in aprons. I laid out the plan, and then we strolled the market to shop for vegetables. Our menu was quick pickles and rice balls. The kids found something from every vegetable vender at the market from purple cauliflower to cherry tomatoes to sweet onions. They wanted fresh dill and sharper knives. They packed their jars full of vegetables and then ate them. Well, one little girl waited for her mother to return before she would even taste any of it. She was so proud of her colorful jar of veggies. The rice ball making was a bit more challenging-- they looked more like smashed burgers than firmly pressed rice balls. However, one of the kiddos got a cash offer for his jar of vegetables. He did not part with it.

It was pretty awesome to work with kid foodies.

Jr Chefs at the Ahens Farmers Market

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