Friday, September 19, 2014

Count Killo-Watt is on the Loose

Upgrade Athens is focused on reducing Athens County energy consumption while competing to win the Georgetown University Energy Prize. Participating with the Public Relations Committee, it was mentioned that a cartoon character would make a great story teller for capturing children's interest, Count Killo-Watt was born.

Count Killo-Watt wants to suck energy! Where does he lurk? In the clothes dryer? The dish washer? How do you combat him? Superheroes alert! We need Sergeant Weather Stripper! Calling Madam Eco to the rescue!

Somebody help me here.

Spreading the word-- Athens City Sustainability Commission Meeting has a public meeting scheduled on Wednesday Oct. 15 at 6 PM at the Athens Community Center. This is a brainstorming session to hear from the community about what goals, objectives, and strategies we should build into a sustainability plan for the City of Athens. We hope you can make the meeting and please spread the word. There will be light refreshments and lots of good folks like you there!

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