Friday, October 3, 2014

That Moment...

"You know that moment before a party when you and your significant other hang back in the car and talk about your party strategy?" asked my classmate. I was tempted to be honest and say no, but instead I nodded assuredly.

I was given a scene in a classmate's film project with the instruction to only say one line while another classmate went off on a Woody Allen-esque tirade. I learned a few things:

1. Doing five takes with four people in a car on a rainy day quickly steams up the windows.

2. When your passenger is an improv actor that says anything and everything, the preparty strategy session can be hilarious.

3. Boys always go for the French girl.

4. I realized, in real life, I rarely drive to parties.

5. Either I live in a small walkable town, or I don't have so many parties to attend.

6. Creating work is fun.

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