Thursday, October 16, 2014

Film Food for Thought

I happily indulged in brain food last night which was particularly refreshing after having spent time with a loved one at the hospital. It is also soul food without the sauce. It's the kind you internalize, turn over in your mind, and think upon when you are driving down a long stretch of highway.

Julian Doyle, Editor, Director, and Friend of the College Town Film Festival, brought The Life of Brian (1979) to the Athena Theater last night. He talked about how Monty Python took a serious book, the bible, and looked for the comedy in it. Professor Steve Hays encouraged the audience to wrestle with different ways of seeing as a way to develop critical thinking skills. Reverend Rob Martin  brought insight into the movie and bible stories with commentary including what did happen to the leper who was cured and thus out of a livelihood?

Nourishment awaits you, three more days of the film fest. Get online, check out the schedule. You need it.

Photo credit: John Paul Sullivan

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