Friday, October 10, 2014

Still Not Asking for It

FRC, Fuck Rape Culture, held a rally at Ohio University today. The woman wearing her brassier in the interview photo below is dressed this way to bring awareness to the concept, "Still not asking for it."

The woman interviewing her came down from Kent State because there is not an active FRC type of group there. 

As students marched up Mill Street, a few hecklers spouted off from distant balconies. The FRC leader muscled her bullhorn and led the marchers with a steady stream of chants like, "Stop rape culture now." Traffic waited on the marchers as did the rain. At the base of the Civil War monument, achievements were reviewed and more was asked for the coming year,  among them was ongoing funding for SAP the Sexual Assault Prevention program-- the five year grant funding runs out this year.

No one wore duct tape that I noticed, but it was available.

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